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Bali Wedding

a Bali Wedding Planner & Organizer Partner Company

We are a professional Bali Wedding Company

Looking for the perfect wedding in Bali?


Need assistance from a professional Bali Wedding planner
and get it well organize too at once?

Look no further than Avavi Bali Wedding.
We are a Professional Bali Wedding Planner & Organizer and a one stop Bali Wedding services provider

We love what we do, and we take great pleasure in knowing that we can contribute to one of your most important days in life. Our team of seasoned professionals from Bali’s wedding industry is available to you, to assist in creating a magical and truly memorable celebration that exceeds your expectations.

Whether it’s a bespoke luxury wedding that you desire, or a simpler style of wedding chosen from one of our pre-planned wedding arrangements, no detail is too small for us. Our personal approach ensures that your wedding will reflect you as individuals, as a couple, and will express your shared values and sense of style.
Avavi Bali Wedding as a Bali Wedding provider partner promises to serve its clients with unmatched professionalism. We assist our clients with every part of their wedding, from location to reception venues, from legal to non-legal services, from accommodations and entertainment, to catering and transportation, nothing is too trivial for us!

Avavi Bali Wedding has planned and overseen numerous weddings in Bali over the last seven years, including beach weddings, chapel weddings, private villa weddings, and resort weddings. If you have a unique or unusual wedding in mind, we encourage you to ask for it and we’ll make your wish come true.
Avavi Bali Wedding understands that a wedding day ranks as one of the most important days of a couple’s lifetime.

Our ultimate ambition is to ensure that it is not one of the most stressful too! We also believe that the planning and styling of a wedding goes hand-in-hand and we at AVAVI Bali Wedding Planner will manage every detail to help you create a flawless wedding.

We are able to tailor our professional services to your needs, be it a partial service or complete planning, so that you are able to fully enjoy the wedding you have dream of and deserve.

Bali Wedding

Bali Wedding Main Services

Our Main Option Services As A Bali Wedding Planner & Organizer
Avavi Bali | a Bali Wedding Planner & Organizer

Here are selection of our main services that you may choose
to fit and adjust to your conditions and needs.

Helping Hand

You want to get married in paradise and you have chances to organize your own wedding, but still need some practical assistance and advices to achieve your wedding dreams planning to be true.

By Your Side

For those who have already done the planning processed and have made many of their bookings but want to have someone on hand to ensure all details are taken care of in the lead up to the wedding and be there on your side when the special day is come.

Hand In Hand

For busy couple who do not have time, chances (or just don’t want) to organize their own dream wedding from the scratch, start talking to us, we'll figure out how you'll get through these and get it done for you!

Bali Wedding Planner main services ending

Bali Wedding Services

We are ready to help you prepare all the essential wedding needs and all your wedding details for the happiest and most memorable day in your life

Avavi Bali | a Bali Wedding Planner & Organizer
Services List That You Might Need

Wedding Planner

The things we do as a Wedding Planner are all things from planning to execution on the wedding day where everything can be tailored to your needs and your spouse.

Decoration & Styling

For marriage decorations, the choice varies depending on the request of the married couple. we provide a variety of decorations with modern style to vintage.


With so many beautiful places, we will help you to choose and decide the most appropriate place to make your dream wedding come true.

Wedding Dresses

We will be instrumental in helping you in choosing the wedding dress which is the most important element so you can look beautiful dazzling perfectly during your wedding day

Photography & Videography

In a marriage, various moments of course want to be stored in the media that can be remembered. where we provide video documentation offer as well as professional photographer as facility choices


A perfect sacred wedding party. That is the desire of almost every bride. In addition to dress and decorations, wedding cake also can not be ignored. It was strange to have a beautiful wedding party without a wedding cake.

Music & Entertainment

Music becomes one of the elements for entertainment that needs attention. In addition to its entertaining, the presence of music at weddings can add to the warmth and romance of the party atmosphere.


Souvenirs or unique and beautiful accessories will make your wedding memorable in the eyes of the guests. We will help you, in conceptualizing the souvenirs or accessories that must be made in such a way that it does not cost so much.


Being one of the main things that is required to get the most attention. Besides tasty and appropriate, the portion has to be calculate accurately. The portion that is too much will harm the bridal party because it cost of marriage become swollen, but too little portion will make the guests run out of food in a short time.


Our Celebrants options, will officiate Your wedding ceremony by combines cultural backgrounds and religious traditions with your own unique identities where it tells the story of who you are both as a couple in the meaningful way and poignant without being preachy.


The selection of the right flowers is the key to the beauty of your wedding party. Because it relates and supports the color of the wedding decoration as a whole. we will provide suggestions that you can make reference to selected and used at your wedding


Favours just like the accessories will also make your wedding memorable to the guests. We will help you, in conceptualizing the beautiful wedding favours that must be made also in such a way that it does not cost so much.


Marquees have a unique atmosphere. Set up, temporarily, for a single occasion, they are a space apart from normal life, embodying the specialness of an event.

Hair & Beauty

We will make sure the bride get the best hair care and beauty before the marriage. Thus your beautiful charm will be more radiant. Especially after the prenatal care, skin and face will feel fresh and hair will feel more soft and fragrant.

Photo Booth

The wedding day is not complete yet if there is no photo session together. We can prepare for you photobooth which will support the decoration of the show as well as according to the theme of your dream wedding.


A well-worked and experienced Toastmaster options and very flexible in adapt to any wedding ceremony scenario to help in the ongoing marriage performance work best


All the technical support needed for transportation, in addition to tourism and the need for vehicles with large numbers.


We also offer post-wedding honeymoon programs that you can consider as an option to complement your happiness as a new couple

And all of these services are available

Bali Wedding Planner

Why consider hiring us as your Bali Wedding Planner?

Reasons To Work With Us

We can save your valueable time, taking on the not so enjoyable aspects of planning, leaving you with the fun parts

We know what's hot and new in the wedding world, because new product suppliers and services provider often come to us in order to launch and introduces to us about their new products and services

We know what's

We have what a Bali Wedding Planner and Organizer needs to survive in this competitive business. We've been strugling to manage and improving our quality in servicing clients for almost a decade

We give sound, non emotional advice for family dilemmas and etiquette queries. A wedding is such an emotional occasion for everyone involved that an outside professional's opinion often are a great value

We help reduce the stress associated with planning a wedding by knowing realistic timelines for all wdding tasks.

We offer meticulous attention to detail - Wedding planners want your wedding to look marvelous and ensure that the smallest detail you envisage is not overlooked.

We do not take over or pure implement our ideas, it's always your wedding. It's our job to make your vision come to the reality. Although at every step are approving items. A good planner's service amended to suit the needs of individual clients

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Our Bali Wedding Clients Have Said

Superb wedding planner - best decision we made

Hiring Liz as our Bali Wedding planner was the best decision we made in planning our wedding. Liz and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Weddings are stressful at the best of times - but I think it’s safe to say that very few couples have to cope with the threat of an impending volcano eruption and misleading media coverage ruining their big day.
In the midst of the chaos of guests cancelling on our wedding causing guest numbers to change daily, and all the personalized touches, seating plans and firsts to be re-arranged and re-ordered, Liz was unfailingly calm and our saving grace in this very stressful time. She never hesitated to liaise with our hotel and our vendors to adjust the plan, earned our trust from the beginning and was always so reliable and trustworthy. Read more..

Bali Wedding Planner for Ana koch's Wedding

Ana Koch

Prompt Service, Great Team, Worry-Free Experience!

Wow, so many things to commend AVAVI on, I don't know where to begin.
From the time we started planning our wedding, Elisabeth/Lia was amazing. She was prompt in her replies (often replying on day of, or within a couple of days at most), and attended to every need, question and want.
As the bride, what amazed me most was that she literally fulfilled all of my Pinterest fantasies! The effort was not just down to her immediate team, but to her greater team of assembled vendors - hair & makeup, flowers, decoration, photographers etc. Everything turned out as perfectly as the reference pictures we sent them.
I did not worry about a single thing, and whilst other brides were fretting about these details, I literally just sent her the pics i liked. And everything, from the flowers to the decor to dinner and even photographer, turned out perfect.. Read more..

Bali Wedding Planner for Genevieve Lim's Wedding

Genevieve Lim

Great communication and time management

It was such a pleasure to work with Elisabeth and her team. Not only they are very well organized and helpful, but also fun and cheerful team. As a vendor, they care so much about timing detail, having good communication and always discuss with their client and us so they can give us a clear timing and direction during the wedding. It really help us to capture client moments perfectly. Looking forward to work again with Avavi Bali in near future. Read more..

Bali Wedding Planner for Flipmax Photography's Wedding

Flipmax Photography

We decided on Avavi Bali Wedding Planner while we were in NZ. As soon as we decided, Avavi Bali sorted everything out for us. We were completely stress-free and whenever we had an idea or a thought, Avavi Bali was able to make it a reality. Everything was like a dream that day, it was amazing!

Bali Wedding Planner for Elaine Kung's Wedding

Elaine Kung

My husband and I tied the knot in 2013. We choose Avavi Bali as our Wedding Planner and Organizer. And we certainly do not miscast. They were very helpful,considering our preparations were only 1 month. Thanks to Avavi Bali Team!

Bali Wedding Planner for Eunike Massie's Wedding

Eunike Massie

Elizabeth was the perfect Bali Wedding Planner we could ever ask for. Everything was done professionally and timely, communications were superb and we couldn't have asked for any more. Our day was made very special thanks to Avavi Bali and I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat!

Bali Wedding Planner for Alan Ma's Wedding

Alan Ma

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